Frequently Asked Questions

Hours and Access

■ What are the museum’s hours?

Please refer to this.

■ How do I get to the museum?

Three-minute walk from Exit 1 of Nijubashimae Station on the Chiyoda Line of the Tokyo Metro Five-minute walk from the Marunouchi South Exit of JR Tokyo Station or the Tokyo International Forum Exit of JR Yurakucho Station Useful access routes are described here.

■ Are there any parking lots?

The museum does not have its own parking lot; please use others in the area. (For details of local parking lots, please refer to this link.)

Admission and Tickets

■ What are the museum’s admission ticket price to view exhibitions?

Admission fees vary by the event. Please see the special exhibition pages for specific information.

■Can I buy the ticket other than the museum’s ticket counter?

Both advance tickets and same-day tickets are sold at different places depending on the exhibition. Please refer to the websites for specific exhibitions.

■ Is there any senior citizen discount?

There is no senior citizen discount.

■ Is there any discount for people with disabilities?

At the ticket counter please show proof that you are officially registered as a disabled person. The admission fee will be half of the same-day ticket fee. The same discount is also applied to one helper who visits the museum with a disabled person.

■ Can I use a credit card to pay for tickets?

We accept the credit cards listed below at the ticket counter inside the museum.
JCB/Visa/American Express/MasterCard/Diners Club/Discover

■ Can I obtain a printed ticket as a souvenir even if I buy my ticket online via Webket?

If you wish, you can exchange your Webket ticket for a printed one at the ticket counter.

Lockers, Accessibility, and Café Reservations

■ Are there any lockers in the building?

There are lockers in three locations on the 1st floor. Staff at the ticket counter will take care of luggage too big to fit in a locker.

■ Are babies and toddlers allowed?

Babies and toddlers are admitted, but if they disturb other visitors we may ask you to take them outside until they are calm.

■ Are strollers allowed in the building?

Yes, but for reasons of safety we may ask you not to bring a stroller in if the museum is crowded.

■ Are there any facilities for people with disabilities?

We provide an accessible elevator and toilets, as well as loan of wheelchairs. Guide-dogs and service dogs are permitted.

■Can I enter the building in my wheelchair?

Yes, please feel free to use your wheelchair.

■Can I borrow a wheelchair?

Yes, we loan wheelchairs. Should you need one, please ask a member of the museum staff.
Please note, however, that the number of wheelchairs is limited.

■Can I make a reservation for the café 1894?

Yes, we accept reservations for dinner between one month and one day prior to the preferred date. Please note that reservations are available only for dinner (after 18:00). No reservations are accepted for lunch or tea time.

Museum Building, Facilities, and Collections

■ When was the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum built, and who designed it?

Please view the detailed information here.

■Are there any other facilities in the building?

Café 1894 is located in the hall originally used to serve Mitsubishi’s banking customers during the Meiji era:
Store 1894 offers a selection of original exhibition-related goods and other fine products from around the world:
The Mitsubishi Center Digital Gallery stores high definition digital images of artifacts including books, masterpieces connected to the Mitsubishi Group, and artworks housed in the Seikado Bunko and Toyo Bunko art museums.
The Mitsubishi Ichigokan Archive Room provides information on the history of Marunouchi and the restoration of the Mitsubishi Ichigokan building.

■ Can visitors enter these facilities free of charge?

Yes, there is no charge for entry. For details of opening hours, etc., please refer to each facility’s web page.

■ What types of artworks are included in these collections?

Please refer to the information on the collections here.


■ How long does it take to view exhibitions?

It takes about one hour, depending on the exhibition.

■ Do you have audio guides?

They are available for some exhibitions.

■ Do exhibitions have bilingual captions?

We provide bilingual captions in Japanese and English or Japanese and French.

■ Do you have a permanent exhibition?

No, the museum does not offer a permanent exhibition.

■ When are exhibitions comparatively less crowded?

It depends on the exhibition, but usually weekdays during the first half of each exhibition are not so crowded.

■ Can I copy or take photographs of the artwork?

We are sorry, but copying and photographs are prohibited.

■ Can I bring writing materials into the building?

Pencils may be brought in, but no other writing materials. Please refer to "Article 5. Rules for Visitor Conduct" for detailed information.

■ Where can I buy exhibition catalogues?

You can buy exhibition catalogues for current exhibitions at the museum shop, Store 1894, which is located on the 1st floor. You can also obtain back numbers of exhibition catalogues if they are in stock.

■ Please tell me the exhibition schedule.

Please refer to the following link for detailed information.


■ Does the museum offer practical training to qualify as a curator?

The museum does not offer training.

■Do you have a lost and found office?

Please call Marunouchi Park Building’s security office (Contact:+81-3-5224-5025), mentioning your name, phone number and detailed description of what you've lost.