Café 1894 | 新しい私に出会う、三菱一号館美術館


The Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum’s Café 1894
is located in the hall originally occupied by the
banking department.
The area has been recreated as faithfully as
possible with the aid of photographs believed
to date from the building’s completion in
1894, as well as blueprints, drawings, and
extant structural components.

  • The original Mitsubishi Ichigokan building
    at the time of its completion in 1894.

  • A corridor on the south side
    of the second floor (circa 1965)

  • the company’s
    in the Meiji era.

The design of the light fittings hails from the gaslight era,
with glass shades wide open across the top to let out the heat of the gas flame (though today they house electric bulbs).
The window glass was recycled
from the demolition of the former
Shin-Maru Building.