News 「Requests to Visitors」


Requests to Visitors

Exhibition schedules may be changed in the future, depending on requests from the national and metropolitan government’s preventive measure against the further spreading of the COVID-19.

Thank you for your understanding and for following the precautions described below.

And when visiting the museums, visitors are requested for health and safety measures.
Visiting conditions
To protect against the COVID-19 coronavirus, the museum asks that any individuals who meet either of the following criteria to refrain from visiting museum.
*You have cold symptoms such as a fever of 100 degrees F (37.5 degrees C) or higher, cough, sneeze, and a runny nose.
*You are in poor physical condition.
Request and Measures
*We may take visitors’ temperature using thermometers at the entrances.
*Wearing a mask (not supplied by the museum) is compulsory for all audiences including children.
*Please practice good “coughing etiquette” and take other measures to prevent your own infection.
*Wash your hands regularly. Our museum stopped using hand dryers. Please use your own handkerchief.
*When crowded, admission may be limited, and visitors may be asked to wait for a while before entering.
*Please use the park side gate (entrance). If you only use the Museum café, please enter from the Museum café entrance.
*In the galleries, try to keep a physical distancing.
*Please refrain from unnecessary chats inside the galleries.

To safeguard against COVID-19, our museum takes the following measures:
•An alcohol-based hand sanitizer is placed at the entrance.
•Our staff members may wear masks to protect visitors and our staff from infection.
•Spots accessed by the general public including elevators are regularly sterilized and cleaned.


Purchase an advance ticket via the Webket Ticket Site whenever possible.
Webket *only available in Japanese.
*The exhibition schedules, opening hours have been changed.

Thank you for your understanding and for following the precautions.